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Northwest Knives & Collectibles

If you want to dispose of knives, watches or other small collectibles you can tell us what you want to dispose of. 
We will assist you in the best way possible.  We can buy it out right from you or we can sell it for you on consignment! 

NWKC is interested in helping collectors sell and dispose of their items.  We will purchase your collectibles or we will take items on consignment to sell for you.  Our normal consignment fee is 35% of the selling price, unless the items are valued under $100 and then our consignment fees are 50%.  After thoroughly researching and investigating the market we will always work hard to obtain the highest reasonable and fair price we can for you. 

Our many years of experience pays off in this regard.  In addition to what we already know, we also do much research and study of all of the items we purchase or sell.  In disposing of items, our descriptions and representations are detailed and accurate.  This has been one of our “trademarks” from the beginning.  

Because of our diversified delivery systems we have the ability to market items efficiently and fairly.  

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