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For 30 years, NWKC has had representation attending knife shows across the U.S. It has brought and received access to thousands of collectors and dealers and makers of handmade knives. As a result, NWKC is always acquiring, dealing and selling antique, custom, handmade and factory knives.

NWKC is situated in the center of the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon.  It is surrounded by many of the most famous factory makers in the world, including  Leatherman, Kershaw, Gerber, Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT), Benchmade, William Henry and many other high quality firms located in and around the Portland area.  It is located in the knife capital of the world.  Also, many of the world’s most famous custom makers reside in Oregon.

NWKC is a resource for collectibles for collectors and dealers who are seeking the finest and most collectible knives and other treasures.  We are constantly assisting collectors who wish to sell their treasures.  We also purchase from factories, from makers, from purveyors, dealers and other collectors.  We regularly attend trade shows, auctions and antique shows.  Also, because of our longevity in the business have access to many items located or concealed in private collections.  

On our home page is a photo of one of the rarest works of art in the world, a 400 blade Exhibition knife from England, c. 1782.  It is a clock-knife made by J.Y. Oliver a noted clockmaker from London, England.  Each of the 400 blades are signed “Oliver”.  The carved and scalloped elephant ivory scales are simply gorgeous.  This is a knife which we owned until recently and is a fine example of the kind of collectibles that we have access to.     

On our home page you will also see photos of the covers of a book which we published in 1999. This book has beautiful high quality photography of many rare and exotic knives, some of the rarest in the world. The knives pictured in the book are from Sheffield, England. The photographed knives are Sheffield Exhibition knives, many made for the 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition in London.  These knives are worth substantial sums of money. For example, the front cover knife pictured on the book is a large IXL pocket knife that sold for $75,000.  The pocket knife pictured on the back cover of the book, sold for $45,000.00. These prices are without a doubt the highest known prices ever paid for antique pocket knives.   

From this website you can order a Limited Edition author (all three) signed copy of the beautiful reference work, co-authored by Bill Claussen entitled “Sheffield Exhibition Knives” which was published in 1999.  This book has outstanding photography commensurate with the beauty and quality of the knives it showcases.

From this website you are directed to the finest antique and collectible knife catalog available anywhere today.  NWKC has published a regular mail order catalog since 1993.  We estimate that in the past nearly 25 years we have sold over 50,000 collectibles knives and other collectibles, some of the rarest in the world.  Our colored mail order catalog is mailed on a semi-monthly basis, to customers across the United States and to customers around the world. In our catalog you will find all kinds of knives, handmade and factory, antique, ethnic, military, folding and straight, bowie knives, bolos, machetes, daggers, stilettos, and just about anything else that cuts things.

This website is not intended to be a direct marketing tool.  It is hopeful that it will make collectors aware of our resources, our catalog, our book, our Ebay experience, which are our various delivery systems for marketing collectibles.   

Our primary goal is to assist as many as possible in their collecting pursuits of fine and rare collectibles. For this reason, we encourage you to email us or send us your name and mailing address so that we might be of assistance to you in your collecting needs.

We would be most happy to add you to our catalog mailing list.  We also welcome receiving your “wish” lists so that we can effectively and efficiently search for items which will assist you in your collectible quest.  

We hope you enjoying browsing our site and reading our materials.    

With best wishes,  

Bill Claussen

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