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This purpose of this website is not to sell things!  Its real purpose is to make people aware of what we do.  Its purpose is to introduce our business to you and to acquaint you with our unique capabilities.   


NWKC has 30 years of experience in the collectible world!  We have thousands of customers, buyers, sellers, and dealers, manufacturers, custom makers, and other contacts and sources in many parts of the world. 


We have purchased and sold many of the world’s best and most exotic knives and other collectibles. In the process we have acquired and sold over 100,000 antique, custom, handmade and factory knives and other collectibles in the past 30 years.  Some are inexpensive!  Some are very expensive!  However, no matter the price, we take pride that our items are always fairly described and accurately represented to our customers.   


NWKC is located in Salem, Oregon, which is the capital city of Oregon.  It is south of Portland, along Interstate 5, in the center of the beautiful and productive Willamette Valley of Oregon.  We are approximately 50 miles from the Cascade Mountains in the East, the Pacific Ocean in the West, Portland to the North and Eugene to the South.


We are closely situated to many of the best known and most famous and productive current knife factories in the world, including Leatherman Tool, Gerber Knives, Kershaw Knives, Columbia River Knife and Tool, Benchmade, William Henry, and many others.  Also, several of the world’s best custom knife makers call Oregon home.


The Mission of NWKC is to fairly and expertly assist BUYERS and SELLERS in (1) acquiring and (2) disposing of their knives and other collectibles.  

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