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Sheffield Exhibition Knives Book

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8 1/2" X 11" FINEST QUALITY HARDBOUND BOOK, 248 pages, breathtaking colored professional photography and text. In this book you will see photographs of the finest Sheffield knives seen since the 19th century Exhibitions. Here you will see daggers and bowies fit for a king. Some of the knives have been positively identified as being exhibited in the 1851 Exhibition at the Crystal Palace or in the Great Exposition in London in 1879. You will see some of the world’s best multi-bladed sportsman’s knives, some with horse-hoof picks, cartridge extractors and saws, fishing knives with hook removers, fly-tying vises, and buttonhooks (for high button shoes). You will see many other one of a kind knives.
You will see in this book the finest that history has to offer in the cutlery world. These knives were not made to be sold. They were made to be "exhibited" and then retired to the factory as part of the factory collection for posterity. There is very little in the world that has ever been made in which the immediate purpose was for posterity, for culture, for quality, for beauty, for display, for exhibition-and not for sale. These knives speak for themselves; they shout with a loud voice of their birthright. We stand in awe as we celebrate in this book, the best of the best.
Authored by Bill Claussen, Brad Watts, Peter McMickle. Introduction by Bill Adams. 
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